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Named after the birthplace of Indian Motorcycle and designed for a pure riding experience, the Indian Springfield is a soulful and versatile new addition to the 2016 lineup. It features true, authentic American craftsmanship, superior refinement and only the most essential touring features for the ultimate in open road touring without distractions. The Springfield was revealed at the North Turn Restaurant in Daytona beach, Florida where the racers of old used to run at breakneck speeds trying to win the famed Daytona 200 race.

Genuine Indian Motorcycle Accessories are engineered with the bikes. So they install easily, fit right & deliver the ultimate performance. Genuine Indian Motorcycle Apparel also delivers exactly what real riders want – the best fit, best protection & genuine style you can only get from Indian Motorcycle. To ride your ride in your style, choose Genuine.


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  • Indian Resolution to Ride Midsize Offer
  • Indian Resolution to Ride Heavyweight Offer
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  • Delayed-Warranty
Ural Motorcycles can be purchased at Eagle Rock Indian Motorcycle, Idaho Falls, ID