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Piaggio - Military & First Responders

Piaggio - Military & First Responders

End Date: 3/31/2023

Military & First Responders

Military & First Responder customers who purchase any 2023 & Prior model year are eligible to receive an incentive up to $200, applied to the purchase price of the vehicle.

Who Qualifies: This promotion only applies to ACTIVE US federal, state, or local officers/agents, sheriffs, highway/border patrols, firefighters, and EMS personnel ONLY*

  • Must have a valid first responder/government ID submitted to PGA
  • Active Military members (including active reservists) of the US Armed Forces and any other branch of military.
  • Must be able to provide a copy of current payroll record to dealer (SSN must be redacted) OR a copy of their active military ID.

*Disclaimer Info: Piaggio Group Americas is pleased to offer the Military & First Responders Promotion valid through 2/01/2023 through 3/31/2023 to all ACTIVE, Canadian Armed Forces, Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves as well as Fire, Police & EMS with a valid ID. This promotion will no longer include, teachers, doctors, nurses or any retired police, fire, or military. This promotion ONLY applies to active duty and active first responders.

Military & First Responders who purchase any 2023 & Prior model year Piaggio vehicles are eligible to receive an incentive of up to $300, applied to the MSRP of the new vehicle. Incentive is based on purchased model cc range as follows: $100 for all Piaggio 50cc and 150cc models and $200 for all Piaggio 400cc+ models. *Eligible Product must be new and unused, for which no retail sales/product registration has been previously submitted to or processed.